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Concept Design

 Design Consultancy

Great design starts from great vision, complementing its succession by adding functional aspect along the journey of the design development. Through sketching, details developing and research we will help you design the one-off or range of handbags or leather accessories. Our aspiration is always to create unique pieces and establish a signature feature for customers. We love the client to be involved in every aspect of the process and let them make vital decisions while the product has been created. We will not only make your vision come true but advise on materials, best finishes and fittings.

Pattern Cutting

Pattern Cutting

Pattern making is a part of the design development. They are made in order to transform 2D sketches into 3D products. Every component of the bag or accessory requires a separate pattern in the right size and shape. Patterns allow to assembly the entire product and carry all essential information to do it correctly. 

Patterns are also essential to prepare the final technical specification pack. 

We use traditional techniques of pattern making by hand draw and cutting from cardboard manila paper. Extensive knowledge of pattern cutting enables us to construct the most complex ideas into a superb product.  

Technical Consultation

Technical Consultancy & Specifications

Often existing products require improvment or to be redefined. We can revisit the design and focus on bringing the best technical and design solutions, ensuring the design is seamless and meets client satisfaction.


The CAD technical specification is a language best spoken to the manufacturer in order to produce the product to best expectation. We provide very detailed technical drawing what improve the communication and has been proven to be successfully sampled at first attempt. Our service does not stop here, we also assist the production process where we track changes until it is completed. 



 Samples are prototypes made to initial design ideas and made in order to finalize the pattern for production and visualise the concept. Our practice follows three stages of prototype making. Starting from paper mock-up sampling where dimensions and mechanisms are visualised. The first phase is reworked until all details are perfectly in place. In the second sampling stage, the design is fully remade in a salpa, leather imitating material. Most of the crucial solution and issues are resolved in this phase, such as construction, materials type and usage,  hardware functions, etc. The final stage is the design made of original material to the desired product. We would assist material choice if required.


We also provide bespoke sampling for an individual client who wishes to create customised, yet unique handbag or accessory for personal use.

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